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You may be thinking “Why would he do this?”
The 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Investors Today

Recently I sent a survey to my entire following of real estate agents, professionals and investors with the primary question of
What’s holding you back from being successful in real estate in today’s market?

The #1 response:


The #2 response:


The #3 response:

I don’t know where to start or what to do

Hi My name is Ian Flannigan. I remember when I was getting starting in real estate 14 years ago, I struggled with these same 3 issues.

At the time, they appeared to be almost impossible to overcome and as I became more educated I realized they were much smaller issues than I had originally thought and much easier to overcome than I ever anticipated.

What allowed me to become a successful investor was the ability to find deals and get access to funding. I was able to do that by having the right tools, training and support I needed to reach my income goals.

Now, I want to help you overcome these 3 big issues you might be facing as a real estate investor.

I’ve prepared what I call the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever. This is a collection of Tools, Training and Support I’ve created to help you overcome the what may appear to be big challenges of finding deals, acquiring funding and not knowing where to start to be successful in real estate. 

When the market gets hot like it is now, deals become much more difficult to find. By making a few changes in your business, I can show you how to find an endless amount of deals that will actually make 369% more profit on than wholesaling alone.

There’s more funding out there than you could ever believe and when I show you 1 simple strategy to find wealthy people want to lend you there money and fund 100% of your deals, you’ll be a believer for life!

Believe it or not, these wealthy people live in your town and are looking for places to invest their money in real estate. You simply need to let them know you have deals for them and they will fund 100% of the acquisition and rehab costs.

Ok Now let’s look inside what you’re going to get inside the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever!

#1 –7 Quick Start Sessions for Starting and Growing Your Business ($397 Value)

I personally recorded these training sessions just for you. These sessions will show you How to Get all the money you need working with private lenders. These are the wealthy people in your town I told you about earlier.

You’ll also discover How to quickly and easily Estimate Repairs. This is important whether you are wholesaling to landlords, wholesaling to rehabbers or doing the rehabbing yourself. It’s critical you know how to accurately estimate repairs.

Goal Setting is another session you’ll get instant access to. This is not like any other goal setting program. I have unique way of setting monthly goals which will help you do more deals and make more money every month.

Time Management is also another important skill I cover in these sessions which is critical for your time freedom. Most new investors get into the business and end up working 80 hours a week to make the business successful. I’m going to show you how to build your business so it runs without you so you are not forced to work if you don’t want to.

Another important session is all about How to Get the Seller to Say Yes to Your Offer. Leads are important for a thriving real estate business but you also need to know how to convert those leads to deals and that’s what you’ll learn in this session.

You learn how to setup and grow your business in another session as well as having the right mindset for the investing business and much more. You are going to be very happy when you get immersed in these quick start sessions.  These sessions will put your business in the fast track to success in real estate investing.

This Quick Start program normally retails for $397 and you are getting it 100% free today when you claim the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever.

#2 - Motivated Sellers Report ($97 Value)

If you’re struggling to find deals right now, you can consider that a thing of the past because this powerful report is going to show you how to find more motivated sellers than you can handle.

This report normally retails at $97 and you’re getting it for free today when you claim my Most Incredible Free Gift Ever.

#3 – My Entire Marketing and Legal Library ($997 Value)

You’ll get instant access to the same Contracts, legal documents, marketing pieces, letters, postcards, scripts and Daily execution plans I use in my business. You can replace my name with your name and be up and running instantly. 

You’ll also get access to my loan servicing company so you never have to collect payments or do collections from your tenant buyers.

I’ve paid my attorneys and consultants tens of thousands of dollars to create this library which normally retails for $997. You are getting this today for free when you claim my Most Incredible Free Gift Ever.

#4 – Access to Over 12 of the Past Mastermind Calls with my Students. ($1164.00 Value)

I’m giving you Access to over 12 of the past Mastermind Calls with my students. I share some of the best advice, training and know how in these past mastermind calls.

You’ll get instant access to archives so you can listen to them at your convenience. This is a surefire shortcut to learn what you need know to reach success as a fast as possible.

#5 – A Customized Personal Success Plan – ($497 Value)

As if all of that wasn’t enough, you’re also going to get a one on one customized success plan. This is a one on one telephone consulting session you’ll get after you claim the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever.

This is very important for your success because real estate investing is not a 1 size fits all business. You need a customized success plan based on your current situation, time you have or don’t have available and the goals you are looking to achieve.

All of these factors come into play and we will help you craft a success plan that meets your personal needs.

Now that we’ve gone over what you’re going to get and how this incredible package is going to instantly help you, now let’s talk about how you can get it.

These Classes Sell for $3,152.00 ...
 But You Get It FREE ...Just For Trying
My Brand New Coaching Program,
The Inner Circle!

Before I go there I want to share a couple of stories with you that have followed the programs you are about get access to.

Here’s what you’re getting with your Inner Circle membership:

  • Bi-Weekly Live Content Webcasts
  • Bi-Weekly Live Question and Answer Sessions
  • New Tutorials added to Your Membership Area Monthly
  • Email and Telephone Support during Normal Business Hours (Monday through Friday 9:00-5:00)

All for just $97 per month billed monthly. There is no commitment and you can cancel any time for any reason.


My Inner Circle consists of monthly mastermind calls as well as new tools and training delivered every month. During these online meetings, we get together and talk about how to overcome the challenges you are facing and how to grow your real estate business.

This is your chance to get direct access to me where I will answer all of your questions live during the meeting.

The 1st month in the Inner Circle is 100% Guaranteed. You get to test drive it and see how you like it. If you don’t like it, you’ll get a full refund no questions asked

If you decide it’s not for you, simply call or email us and we’ll cancel your membership and refund your 1st month’s fee immediately.

You can keep this entire gift package even if you cancel your inner circle membership. I’m doing this because I want you to be successful and this $3,152.00 package of tools, training and support is going to help you for sure.

I’m excited for you to get started. I hope you are too! Click the button below now and Let’s get started.

I’ll see you on the inside.


This is Ian Flannigan over and out.

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